Hydraulic Land Rollers


  • Steel land rollers made to order, deal direct with the manufacturer.
  • 1067mm (42") roller drums with 20mm or 25mm Wall thickness.
  • Strong RHS Frame construction.
  • Hydraulic Latching, Folding & Unfolding from within tractor cab.
  • Narrow transport width.
  • Pivoting centre wheels to follow road camber.
  • Floating A-Bar ensuring smooth operation and consistent ground pressure.
  • Heavy duty 18ply Tyres and 6 tonne Axles, 3.5 tonne stub Axles.
  • Flattenground to improve seed to soil contact.
  • Push down and break up rocks.
  • Allowing you to reap lower with confidence.


  • Heavy duty 3" double row roller drum bearings.
  • Double taper locked Drum Shaft

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